Pepa Romans

In love with her native town Ondara, a town in the Marina Alta where she saw her childhood dream as a restaurant, Pepa grew up completely fascinated with the kitchen, something that led her to always prepare food at home.

For Pepa family always came first and it was not until she saw her children well raised when she decided to embark on her professional career among the stoves.

Pepa Romans, like any good Levantine woman, bet at the beginning for the traditional cuisine of La Marina, its rich region.

Excellent rice dishes and pots cooked with classic utensils reached home-style excellence, but soon opted for innovation and updating their stews, lightening and enriching them.

This evolution, added to the precise improvements in the facilities of Casa Pepa and the centuries-old base of its gastronomic and personal history, have paid off, and to this day Pepa is still seen as one of the leaders in contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

Pepa Romans