Each life originates at a precise moment, and continues as a cultivated germ that reaches its final state by means of a specific process. This specific process in case of Restaurant BonAmb is formed by the tireless daily efforts of a very dedicated staff, with result that each day again beautiful products and local dishes can fill the table. This has been the objective from the first day we BonAmb opened its doors on July 27 2011. The composition of our name (that literally translated means “Pleasant environment”) reflects our strive to not just let our guests enjoy the food and drinks, but to do so in an unbeatable setting.

The history and origin of gastronomy have gone through the same evolution as mankind and its civilization. Because of that Restaurant BonAmb wants to resonate the tradition and the culinary history of the region of Jávea and the Marina Alta in her dishes to share this with our guests on the journey through history to the point where evolution has brought us today and to undertake together the culinary journey to the future.

Salón Restaurante BonAmb
Salón Restaurante BonAmb

The Mediterranean Sea, the kitchen garden, the citrus fruits and the grapevines are all factors that influence the kitchen in our region. That is why Restaurant BonAmb from the start on felt obliged to respect and honour history by focusing on a kitchen with innovative dishes using cross-border accents, but in which her whole being is firmly rooted but always considering the roots of the location.

In our fast growth, BonAmb has had the pleasure of being included in the two most prestigious gastronomic guides in the world, obtaining three Repsol Suns (the first in 2013, 2015 and 2019) and two Michelin Stars (the first in 2013 and second in 2016).